Our services

We strive to understand and meet our client’s needs and expectations, suggest and help implement the changes smoothly.

All of our service levels include


Our scope includes but is not limited to industries such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transport, energy, Tourism, media and publishing, IT services, construction, Maintenance, Engineering, and professional services.

Start-ups and SMEs

We help start-ups and small companies across various industries. We also create bridges between start-ups and investors and provide advice and assistance in finding funding.

Governments and NGOs

We serve corporations, governments, institutions, ministries, government agencies, regions, municipalities, state-owned companies, and non-governmental organizations.


We bring strategic best practices and experience from many countries and sectors to our clients and help them develop their organizational learning, achieve expansion to new markets, change management, and organizational transformations.

Value Co-Creation and Innovation

We analyze our clients’ human or machine resources, stakeholders, and arrangements to improve their capacity to appropriate, reproduce, or innovate upon connections in the current and future. We help firms better understand and use value co-creation processes to strengthen collaboration internally between employees and different departments; and externally with other stakeholders.

Research and Digital

We perform market research, product market research, and customer journey analysis and redesign, and we help our clients become more competitive with efficient digital strategy. We also help universities and firms to connect research with business.


We accompany our clients during their project implementation by setting up and running a project management office (PMO) and help, if needed, fill capacity and competency gaps with on-hire consultants.

Intermediation & Representation

Our consultants specializing in procuring products and services are available to help our clients find the right product or service with the best offers and conditions available on the market.

We can also study with our clients the opportunities to represent them in specific countries where they wish to expand without investing in local resources from the very start.

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